The Age of Lost Omens

A letter home

Dear Mother,

I pray this sending finds you well. The messenger charm you have taught me is unerring as always. By the time the clay messenger finds you, you’ll likely be settled in your new home.

I’ve copied my notes regarding the Void Callers and enclosed them with this letter so that if the worst happens then those who pick up the defense of Golarion can learn from what we experienced. We’ve learnt little else about their capabilities since our first encounter with them. Only Gwernach has been bold enough to look into the seeing stone. Since then it’s been entrusted into the hands of Marion, our advisor. Hopefully its presence as a symbol of the dangers that the Void Callers present will serve far better than a divining bauble in my youngest brother’s hands.

Marion has crisscrossed Varisia and into the Hold of Belkzen to recruit allies. He has managed to convince a company of Orc mercenaries to serve in our keep’s defense. Garen seems to hold them in high esteem. They seem disciplined and hardy, though it remains to be seen if they will remain staunch allies. Truly the gods make fools of us if they send us aid in the form of Orcs and Giants. Our family seems too eager to trust any soul that crosses our path.

For instance, a dwarf by the name of Ironborn, or some such, came to our keep with wild tales of dragon cults and treasure hoards. Gundaren was eager to find out if the stranger’s story was true. While our cause sorely needs funding, surely we should not simply trust the word of outsiders. We set off at dawn to corroborate his story. Gods help us if he leads us on a wild dragon chase.

Good news! The dragon hoard did indeed exist. We were able to recover some of the treasure from the cult while the dragon was away. It seemed to trust its cult and the lava within its lair to ward away thieves, which I’m sorry to say we have been reduced to such a sorry state. I’ve enclosed a pair of gems in the clay messenger’s neck compartment.

Our journey has taken us to the Kingdom of the Linnorm Kings to recruit the Mighty General Cloudbreaker, a storm giant of considerable prowess. The word is that he is lending his strength to the bulwark around the Worldwound. To think I would see that place I had only seen marked on a map. I will send the letter away now. Hopefully it will be a simple errand. Though, as experience has taught me, things are rarely simple for the Gundrikson family.

Your son,

Galen Gundrikson



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