The Age of Lost Omens

After the battle

The void callers lay defeated, their general slain, their hordes decimated.

In the aftermath of the battle, those who fought the callers dispersed, going their separate ways. No wealth and no glory compelled them to remain, though many went on to other things.

Some went on to fame. Ranti Facebreaker and his Deathdealer orc legion put their experience to good use, serving in such varied locations as Mendev and Cheliax. After years of fighting, they returned to Belkzen and carved out a kingdom. Others went on to a more noble calling, such as Dath Cloudbreaker, who returned to the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to face the demons of the worldwound, leading numerous successful campaigns before returning to take over the rule of his clan from his father, where he served as a wise leader for almost six hundred years.

Others went on to wealth. Opir Eightfingers did not return home by travelling north. Instead, he headed south, building ships and putting to sea. He and his men spent years raiding the costs of Varisia and Nidal, accumulating a vast horde of wealth before sailing home. Similarly, the Red Bank encountered exceedingly good times after funding the Gundriksons, for ever deal they made over the next five years turned out exceedingly well for them, though whispers of strange, mindless soldiers employed by the bank are common.

Yet others went on to darker fates. Lord Veric returned to his conquered kingdom, where he proclaimed himself a saviour, a role he played with a fair deal of skill to nearby nobles. His rule as a duke lasted nearly twenty bloody years of purges, executions, and schemes, at great cost to the people of his land, until he was finally brought down by a group of adventurers. So too did Marian Gaborik, who returned home to Mendev a changed man from his contact with the Voidcallers, eventually coming to preach for the inevitable end of everything.

Many others had more varied ends. The Silver General, Katlin, fell in battle years later, still a mercenary. Kam Ironfury was caught in a landslide while prospecting. Janessa Elvanna of the White Witches became enmeshed in the games of her mother and sisters, a game that she played with some skill, until she was caught in a plot against the white queen and executed.

Even the land around the site of the battle was changed forever. The Shoanti peoples, attempting to build on the cooperation that had brought them victory, sought to build a confederation of their peoples that lasted for some twenty years, until it broke down over the theft of a cow. A hundred years later and for centuries thereafter, the area became famous for a clutch of red and green dragons of unusual size who caused a great deal of destruction.

Others were changed forever by the experience. Loria of the Leaf, forever saddened by the cost of the victory retired from life as an architect but was eventually convinced to serve the lords of Mendev during a later crusade, during which she was assassinated. Mylus, the gnome, vanished underground, never to be seen again.

Most infamous of all the participants was Lotur, the deathless general. His empire, a hundred years in the making, lasted for another three hundred years, and cost untold lives, changing the face of Golarion forever.

Still, the victory over the void callers prevented a wider war, and all those who participated in it were heralded as heroes.


Garrek left shortly after the battle, heading north back to Kalsgard.

He entered the city without fanfare, news of the battle, the threat Golarion had faced had not yet reached the city. He returned to his wife, and her family, retiring from the Sons of Stone. News quickly followed, invitations to banquets and noble houses piled up at his home, unread, messengers and couriers sent back to their masters. He then worked as a carpenter and smith, building tools, barrels, and homes, speaking little of the battle and events, except to his family.

He hung the tapestry he had kept from his ancestral stronghold in his home, a reminder of where he came from, his brothers, and what they had sacrificed to stop the Voidcallers.

After the battle

Geril returned to Cheliax and was never seen again.

Some say on a moonless night, a path opens to a hidden room somewhere in the University of Egorian. Inside there is a life life statue of a dwarven maiden, with an inscription: “Here sleeps one who defeated the Voidcallers, resting until they raise again”

After the battle

Gurren took the next ship back to Tian Xia, returning to Goka. His employees welcomed their brew master after his long journey.

When asked about what happened, he simply said he had forgotten, blaming his opium habit. His men accepted that and Gurren went back to his office.

He immediately set to work in expanding the various offerings of Gundrikson Ale, creating a mead to rival the one he had sampled in the Spiritual Shoanti Mead Hall, as well as a dark bitter ale he named ‘The Void’ as a reminder of his misadventures with his family and the almost end of the world.

Both sold exceptionally well and were in great demand among the connoisseurs of alcohol in the East.

Portions of the revenue earned, he had sent back monthly to his mother Eira.

He swore off the opium pipes and attempted to live peacefully in Goka.
He adopted the motto of “I don’t live there anymore” and ignored the troubles of the rest of the world.

On occasion, the odd magical lightning bolt streaks across town when an unfortunate or idiotic soul comes to pick a fight with the grumpy sorcerer.

His latest pet project is to brew an magically enhanced ale, infusing it with chaotic energy.

After the battle

Having just received a heavy taste of adventure, Gundarin head back to his tavern and started recruiting for a new venture. The ‘Gundrikson Trading Company’ was founded shortly after, and did exceptionally well. With the fame that came with defeating the Void Callers, as well as his experience in piracy, smuggling, and business, Gundarin was able to turn the company into a global economic powerhouse of somewhat ill repute.

As he grew older, and with many eager subordinates clamoring over his leadership, he decided to retire early before someone got too bold. Like he’d done before, he once again settled down as owner of a small tavern. With a new name and identity, he lived a humble life from then on, listening to younger travellers revel in their own tales of adventure, and exchanging knowing glances with older patrons.

One morning, his neighbors would be awoken by the flutter of tiny wings and the longing chirps of young birds. He was found in his bed, nest of a beard newly vacant, having passed quietly in the night. The old barkeep was laid to rest with respect by the townsfolk, without any of them having truly known who he was.

After the battle
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