The Age of Lost Omens

Chapter 2

When our heroes confronted a group of Death Cultists who had formed a human chain barring their path. “You cannot proceed any further. You know now what you meddle with. Turn back!” The cultists resisted any means to pass them by. A brief and bloody struggle ensued and the cultists offered their lives freely. The experience left the heroes shaken and further cast doubt on the nature of their quest.

When they finally confronted the cultists performing a ritual with the Prince; Dracos and Argos, the king’s agents leaped into the fray and began to slay the cultists indiscriminantly. Sensing that something was very wrong Grayli the thief recovered the Prince and had Farah spirit the man away. The knights were separated in the confusion but not before a spell caused Argos (who was only an empty armor shell) to fly apart and seal itself around the Prince, the armor became searing hot and burned him badly.

With that, the heroes fled the forest, fighting their pursuers. A surviving cultist told them that King Jamon was not cursed to die when his son reached his 20th year. Rather, the King was a lich that had maintained his youth for thousands of years by preying on the lives of countless victims. His kingship was a con and his ‘son’ was the latest victim.

They regrouped in an abandoned monastery that the Cult of Pharsma used and through the guidance of a strange hermit, found a magical pool that could heal the Prince’s wounds. Now that the Prince was saved and his curse removed; they gather what power they can to slay the lich and stop the cycle of death.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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