The Age of Lost Omens

Dangerous Desert Dwelling Dragon Dating

Gurren's Remembrance Stone

Since when was reviving an immortal evil using the blood of a man a good idea? Since never.

Again, I have seen things… so many things. Most of them disturbing.

After addressing various concerns and issues among the camp – one which included the merchants and the like cheating us out of our goods in the supply convoy – we searched the camp for a source of blood to revive our newest ‘friend’ Loture.

We found a man guilty of killing another man in his sleep at the Bearpelt Following. We held a brief trial for the poor fool and quickly used his fluids to bring back the being which Dath and his men had killed ten times over.

He seemed… nice. For someone who evidently has no problem with being killed repeatedly and was kept as a chunk of human-jerky in a volcano. He did make us swear that we wouldn’t kill him again after this whole Void-Caller problem was dealt with. Whatever, we don’t live here. I’m going back to the East and smoking myself into oblivion if we manage to survive this.

Marion returned with what could be best described as… a hodge-podge of rabblerousers. And a self-styled mercenary king. I could see the snake-oil shine on that one. He wished us to legitimize him as a ruler. A ruler of murders, rapists and other delightful sorts. We will hold trial on him… and that gnome. And a few others who’ll be strung up in the gallows.

Oh and the ogres. I forgot about them. Almost. The two-headed one stood out quite a bit.
That one dragon. The one we thought it was a good idea to steal from some time ago. He found out that we stole from him. And threatened to set our camp ablaze. I supposed we should find out what the great red Lord Flamerot wants. I for one am not enjoying the idea of being roasted alive.

We ended up back at the ogre village. Or what was left of it. We did make a mess of it after all. My brothers beat on the large drum and the wyrm erupted from the volcano. It was quite the sight to behold. If it weren’t for the fact it was also completely terrifying.

Flamerot… wanted us to return what we had stolen. From what I recall, the gems were used to pay for our supplies… so that’s not going back to him. And the necklace we found? I have no idea where it went. I suppose by the way the dragon was glaring at Sneaky-Brother, he probably has it. But at least the beast gave us a second option. Find him a mate.

Right. Find a dragon. A mate. Not only that, a great red. This one is definitely going into the books of completely bizarre tasks I’ve undertaken. He said no whites, but had no problem with the rest. He pointed us in the direction of a great desert where he had seen a large blue flying about. We quickly made haste and left – he gave us a week before threatening to turn our camp into an all you can burn party.

Making good time, we arrived at the desert. Lo and behold, such desert it was. There were no signs of the beast, as according to the locals it had been last seen sixty or so years ago.

After clawing through the sand we came upon a rock with signs of a dragon having… perched? Sat? Whatever. Dragon.
Galen channelled a mighty wind and blew away 60 years worth of sands that had buried a rock. Leading to a… cavern.

Well if there’s a place for a dragon to sleep for decades, it might as well be one that has been buried under the sands of time.

Entering the cave, we were set upon by lizard folk who spared no time to talk. As we slew them, we had found what we were looking for. The blue. Or at least we thought it was what we were looking for… as the dragon told us that it was a HE and for such a good laugh, he spared us death by electrocution and told us that there was a female green dragon just further off. We quickly ran. Oh so quickly.

Our fortunes ran better as we found the female green in question, and Galen managed to convince her in seeking out Flamerot and his vast pools of gold. She gave us a scale as a token to bring back to the red.

Galen and I… and was someone else there? I don’t recall. We hurried back to the dragon’s mountain while the others went to Janderhoff to have words with the council. We were ambushed by that void caller I did not manage to slay that last time. He ran away yet again. I’ll get him yet one day.

We presented the scale to Flamerot, who seemed… satisfied. Although he warned that if he smelt our dwarfstink on his mountain again, we’d be very, very dead. We took his warning to heart and left to regroup with the others.

On our way back to the Kodar mountains, we came upon a ragged band of Shoanti. It appears that we found the remnants of the Skull clan, who were beset upon by orcs that occupied Belkzen and our ancestral home.

Wishing to enlist the remaining Shoanti warriors, who were dreadfully outnumbered, we went to their aid and slew the orcish raiders. Those who were left of the warriors, we directed to our camp.


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