The Age of Lost Omens

Dearest Marissi

I hope by now, my first letter has reached you. It’s been some weeks since I left to see my father, I’ve addressed this to a supply warehouse in Kalsgard, hoping they can forward it to wherever you may be deployed with The Sons.

Things have not gone well. What I assumed to be the last wishes and ravings of my father racked with dementia, turned out be something incredibly worse. Void Callers, some ancient foul beasts that pervert and corrupt corpses and may very well overwhelm us all.

Much has happened recently, we ventured into the land of the White Witches that I’ve heard you speak of. It is a bizarre place, bound slaves abound the lower depths of a massive tree, and as we climbed further upwards, delved deeper into the witches bizarre forms of excess, they seemed far more interested in themselves than helping us defend the world, they sent a meager group of a dozen or so witches.

Things also came to a head with some Orcish mecenaries, The Deathdealers. Able soldiers, but wrathful and cruel, they raided the tribesmen allied with us for sport. Their leader, Ranti was… less than agreeable to our directions to stop, and we scuffled, I took a hell of a beating but managed to come out the victor.

We’ve also secured a quarry to fortify the valley we’re in. The gnome who directed us there wanted us to slaughter the whole town, but I could not bring myself to do that. Some kind of defiled ore was influencing their minds, and my brothers and I could not bring ourselves to kill the women and children without first trying to free them from this bizarre control, which thankfully we did.

Last, and most important. Return home as soon as you can to Kalsgard. I’ve instructed the men there to give you my backpay I’ve been saving. If I should die in this endeavor, and if we fail, take the money, gather your family, and hire the fastest boat you can find and sail far, far away.

Yours Always,


OceansEnd Pox

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