The Age of Lost Omens

From The Journal of Geril Gundrikson

It has been hard seeking allies in this distant land. The locals are too caught up in their politics and wars. We had gathered all that we can from the local lands. A motley crew of tribesmen, orcs, witches and drunkards. We needed real soldiers.

We heard of a band of mercenaries, lead by one called the Silver General. Sadly, the Silver General will need to be paid not in silver pieces, but gold. The only place that would offer such a king’s ransom would be the Red Bank, a macabre organization that will pay for weird creatures, dead or alive.

We headed back into the mists hoping to find some void callers to sell to the Red Bank. As our luck has been recently, we ran into a brutish thing, made from the corpses of heroes long ago. It was a long fight and my shield and armor held out long enough for my brothers to finish the beast off.

We headed off to the Red Bank with our fleshy prize. I have never met such a disgusting group of individuals. We argued over percentage points as our enemy grew stronger. In the end, we had a deal.

We then explored the local city, hoping to gather more allies for the struggles ahead. It seems that the local king, with the colorful nickname of eight fingers, was plagued by a daughter of Baba Yaga, who had broken an age old truce. He pledged everything he had if we could end this threat for him. It was not a task that Gundriksons would normally do, but the fate of the world was at stake and Eight Finger’s forces and supplies were desperately needed.

With Gundarin’s Stealth and Galen’s cunning we managed to sneak into the Ice Fortress without problem. I am not sure what my brothers have been up to since the time I have been gone, but from their adeptness at such dishonorable skills, I fear for the worst. The battle was fierce, the witch’s mind control and ice powers threatened to overwhelm us. But in the end, we endured as Gundrikson’s do and escaped the crumbling castle after the despicable deed was done.

I fear what depths we will descend to in the name of saving the world.


OceansEnd Mechayahiko

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