The Age of Lost Omens

The Age of Lost Omens

6 - 9 Gozran 4713

  • Our story begins with Fara and Radek travel to the nation of Ustalav to recruit more troops into the 4th crusade. They are accompanied by the knight Ser Baldor Meade.
  • Meade was proven disinterested in such a menial task and left the lion’s share of the work to his subordinates.
  • Radek insulted Meade and this resulted in a duel. Meade won, more from luck than skill.
  • Meanwhile the Steelstrike brothers met with Valdir Ebonsail to be smuggled out of Ustalav.
  • Ebonsail met with an old partner named Weasel. Weasel agreed to help smuggle the three of them out of Ustalav at midnight.
  • when they met with Weasel he was killed by an assassin. It was an ambush!
  • Ilmarinen’s spell drew the attention of the departing Crusaders. The thieves, realizing that their plans had been foiled, left to finish the job later.
  • The Steelstrikes and Ebonsail joined with the Crusaders.
  • Days passed on their voyage eastward when suddenly the ship was violently capsized. A great serpent had swept beneath the boat and tossed it violently into the air.
  • The survivors picked up the pieces and mourned the dead.
  • The adventurers arrived at Fort Lookout near Nerosyan. The countryside had been invaded by Skelks, a predatory species of fish-men.
  • Ilmarinen inadvertantly revealed a diabolist’s conspiracy involving the fort’s quartermaster, wizard and a group of bandits.
  • Captain Vance, impressed by the Adventurers efforts in revealing the conspiracy, has asked them to seek the Old Woman of the Estrovian Forest in the hopes that she could shed some light on the giant serpent that has been scuttling ships in the river.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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