The Age of Lost Omens

The Black Comet.

2 Years have passed since the Heroes triumphed at Mendev, preventing the collapse of the world itself. The party has slowly divided, each going their separate ways, or departing in small groups, as peace and prosperity followed in the wake of the demonic defeat.

Until the day of the Black Comet.

The ink-black comet, said to be a sign from Pharasma herself, has caused cults to rise in her name, popping up all over the region. Tensions have begun to increase, as the cults, lead by powerful clerics of Pharasma have begun killing any who have cheated death. Diabolists, necromancers, ghouls, anything that has somehow prolonged it’s life, in violation of the natural order.

In the distant land to the south, in the Kingdom Edessa, a King’s son is kidnapped, grief stricken and desperate, he sends his couriers to the only heroes he knows of that could return his beloved son alive.


OceansEnd Pox

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