The Age of Lost Omens

The Black Comet

Chapter 1

The King of Edessa’s son, Prince Hermes, had been kidnapped by an unknown enemy. The King summoned the heroes of Mendev to investigate the disappearance.

During their investigation It came to light that the King suffered from a curse where he was doomed to die when his son turned 20 years old. When the King was confronted he admitted to the curse and said that he had accepted his fate long ago and that he just wished to have his son back. To aid in their investigation he assigned two of his greatest knights; Dracos and Argos. They were covered head to toe with elaborate plate armour with the helms fashioned in a dragon and eagle respectively.

Our heroes discovered a group of thugs called the Hurleys were responsible for the kidnapping and they were working at the behest of a Pharasma death-cult. They had escaped Edessa to a city known as Blackwater with the prince hidden within a coffin. The heroes were hot on their trail, knocking aside any of the thugs and cultists that got in their way.

While they were hunting the cultists; Grayli Trapspringer noticed that neither Dracos or Argoes seemed to eat or sleep. Also, Argos would leave the camp by herself and return shortly. Her curiousity overriding her caution she pick-pocketed Argos and discovered a silver mirror which linked to the King in Edessa and, pretendin to be Argos, learned that the heroes were disposble in their quest for the Prince. Something was foul in Edessa.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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