The Age of Lost Omens

The Loom of Fate 5

The Dark Heart Beneath Blackwell Manor

Our heroes encountered vampires had been preying on the people of the city and that their bite was spreading the plague at an unnatural rate. The vampire spawns’ trail lead to the Blackwell Manor. The manor had an unsavoury reputation as a den of debauched thieves and monsters even by the standards of a pirate city. It was said that Usher Blackwell took over the manor after having killed the previous occupants.

When they entered the catacombs beneath Blackwell Manor they discovered the vampire’s lair. Unbeknownst to them they had also been ensnared in a diabolical game of illusion and trickery. Marie Blackwell’s vast mental powers had our heroes convinced that they were trapped in the manor’s library. The apparition of Marie Blackwell appeared before them and said, “You have made the mistake of wandering in here and that you’re punishment is to take part in a little game. It is a game of illusions, of madness and betrayal for one of you is not who he says he is. The rules are simple. Everyone who is true must touch the orb of blue. If everyone is true, then hooray you’re free and can leave. If the traitor is there and touching the orb too, then too bad you lose. You will be here forever.”

Each of them had seen the others acting suspiciously just before they entered the library. Some had seen others speaking to strange shadowy figures, others had received mortal wounds and appeared to be completely healed. Their paranoia increased until they realized that Kershawn was acting suspiciously and could no longer channel spirits, an ability which was as natural to him as breathing. They drove him away and touched the sphere. The illusion shattered and they were free.

Our heroes smashed their way through the rest of the catacomb, cornering Blackwell in his sanctuary and defeated him and his vampiric minions. With Blackwell’s death the city had a chance to recover naturally from the terrible plague.


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