The Age of Lost Omens

The Loom of Fate 9

The Sorcerer King's Wrath

While they were investigating the city, Kiira began reading the copious books of lore that the lost city kept within its libraries. She discovered the name Var’jo and learned that the God of Betrayal had made a deal with Octavius the Sorcerer King. While the specifics of the deal were not spelled out, it was apparent why the god had taken great pains to sabotage their mission from the start. She shared this information with the rest of the party, who agreed to leave Valdir in the dark for fear that his connection to the dark god would betray their plans to free their companion from his control.

The party split up. One group journeyed down to the Cogs where the slaves of the city were kept. Another went to the Silent Tower in search of Ardala the Sylph and the other wanted to find out where the Ifrit’s bottle was being kept.

While exploring they came upon the execution ceremony of General Septimus who had lead an unsuccessful revolt against his liege before Kourion was sealed within the time loop. At the beginning of every cycle he was tortured and executed in front of his men before they were locked away for the remainder of the cycle. The heroes saw a potential ally in Septimus and the means of the Sorcerer King’s downfall.

Through careful inquiry they discovered the Ifrit’s bottle was kept at the side of the Lord Captain of the Guard, a powerful warrior and ruthless killer.

They smashed their way through Daedalus’ traps and confronted him in his home. He revealed the nature of the great machine and told them the means to escape the time loop. If they were to release Ardala from her prison, she could use her power to manipulate the Ifrit to operate the device to propel them forward in time. The heroes’ presence provided a life line to their own world so, by taking control of Octavius’s controlling crown, they could escape blast and return home.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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