The Age of Lost Omens

Xaliana's Offer

In which Valdir takes small revenge on his former pirate crew.

19 Gozran 4711

Valdir and Taloran met with Xaliana of the River Rat. The woman offered them a job to disrupt the Ebonsail smuggling operations that had been hampering her own business ventures.

They convinced the party to aid in their quest to sink the Bonnie Lass, an infamous smuggling ship, in the Nerosyan harbor.

The operation went smoothly, the Steelstrike brothers nailing down the crew at the local blind-pig and Valdir and company storming and burning the ship to cinders.

Taloran discovered a mysterious puzzle box in the possession of the ship’s captain.

Valdir left a calling card to taunt the remaining Ebonsails.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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