Artaxes Shadewhisper


Name: Artaxes Shadewhisper
Player: Dane
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer

Level: 5

STR: 10
CON: 13
DEX: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 20

HP: 56

AC: 18
PD: 17
MD: 18

Recoveries: 8

One Unique Thing:
There is a secret that haunts me, it corrupts my dreams and chases me, no matter how far I run nor how deep I hide, it is always there.

Politician – 1pt
Lived Rough – 2pts
Self-Taught – 2pts
Lost Love – 1pt
Vampire – 2pts

Icon Relationships:
Dream Walker – 2pt Conflicted Villainous
Mayor of Tamran – 1pt Negative Heroic

Sorcerer’s Familiar
Infernal Heritage
Undead Remnant Heritage

Powers & Spells:
Chaos Bolt
Lightning Fork
Chaos Pulse
Breath of the Frozen Night
Echoing Thunder
Three Dooms
The Queens Shadows

Gather Power (Champion)
Chaos Bolt (Adventurer)
Lightning Fork (Adventurer)
Quick Fork
Strong Recovery
Spell Fist (Adventurer)


Born the middle son of a lesser noble in Oppara, Indrick Boreal was expected to strike out on his own as he could not hope to inherit his family wealth, which was passed only to the oldest son. Although the Boreale’s were a lesser family, coming from the largest town in the continent his family was still very wealthy by most comparisons, and Indrick was given a strong education where he took an immediate interest in politics.

As Indrick delved deeper into the realm of politics, he spent much time around the Capital building and the Mayor’s manor. While rubbing elbows with Oppara’s political elites Indrick came to know Elisa, the daughter of the Mayor of Oppara. Elisa caught Indrick’s eye and he began to court her, at first behind the mayor’s back, but it soon became public knowledge. While the mayor was worried that Indrick didn’t have the best prospects, he could tell Elisa was captivated by the young man.

One evening while walking home late one night Indrick was the target of a vicious attack that left him within an inch of his life. When Indrick awoke, it was clear right away that he was a changed man. He now felt a connection to the elements that he could not explain, but also, could not control. Elisa spent her days nursing him back to health, but Indrick found that he often could not sleep after she was gone. He spent his nights discovering his new found powers and when he did sleep he was plagued by nightmares. In his nightmares the voice is always the same, but it comes from different bodies from time to time. Sometimes a giant golden serpent, coils stretching off for eternity, other times a man cloaked in darkness. The voice walked him through his new found powers and helped cultivate these sorceries. The voice also revealed another secret to Indrick. What Indrick learned about his new found power horrified and sickened him, but as time went on Indrick found himself compelled to follow the instructions of the mysterious voice.

Once fully recovered Indrick went to call upon Elisa, but found that the Mayor was hesitant to let Indrick in. It seemed that in his absence, Elisa had been seeing another. Through his persistence Indrick convinced the Mayor to let him see her one last time, but as Indrick confronted Elisa in anger, he felt something welling up inside him. In his anger, his new found sorcery bust forth and a ball of fire and ice shot from his hands and struck Elisa down. In his panic and dismay Indrick fled town and has been on the run since. Following in the direction provided to him by his dream walker, Indrick has traveled the land and has now found himself in the northern regions of Golarion.

Artaxes Shadewhisper

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