Fara Goldmane


Fara Goldmane was once a petty charlatan in one of the rich metropolises of the heartland. After a brush with the law and the influence of her victims, she was sent as a “volunteer” on the crusade.

It was through the battles that she forged a kinship with the people in her unit, criminals and never do wells like her. Due to their less than noble status, her unit was sent on the most suicidal of attacks and each time, they would return, fewer in number, until at last, only she returned.

All that is left of the unit is just a ragged banner, no longer recognizable, and an empty shell of a person, a dead gnome walking.

She has now been assigned to a new unit, fresh from the new crusade and she wonders, will she have to watch each of them die?

2 Years Later:

Fara spent the last 2 years gathering the other Reborn and with them, embarked on a quest to find out why she was saved from the brink of death time and time again. It was in a ruined temple, at the edge of the demon lands that they found their answer.

What they found was a giant crystal prison, containing celestial creatures in the service of Ishar. They were chosen because they were loose threads in the fabric of fate, threads that could be bound together to strengthen or change fate itself. It was in this temple that they were reborn a second time, a fusion of the celestial and mortal, something different, something new.

Each of the reborn were given a new purpose and Fara’s was to be the Fist of Ishar, the hammer that forges Fate itself.

Fara Goldmane

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