Galen Gundrikson

Disgraced cleric of Torag accused of consorting with demons by corrupt Grand Clerics in Highhelm. Wanders Golarion as a faith-healer and miracle worker.


Second child and Eldest son of the Gundrikson clan. Born with his hair white as snow as a mark of Torag’s blessing on hishouse.

As the eldest son and being born with the potential to increase the family’s standing in Highhelm, he was given the best that the family could afford, even going into debt in order to furnish his education and future connections. With this came added pressure to be the best and envied the freedom that his siblings enjoyed.

Galen rose through the ranks of the temple hierarchy, first as a Seeker of Knowledge and Master of Physik. He was often asked to accompany the Fire Forge’s warriors on missions to protect the faithful or assist the Five Mountain’s allies.

His sister (Geril’s) arranged marriage to House Leroung in Cheliax was a source of great scandal in Highhelm. Rebellion was not an option for Galen as it was for his younger brothers. Much of Galen’s time was spent mollifying the clan’s allies and quashing rumors of apostasy and diabolism that could see them all exiled from Highhelm. In Torvald’s thinking, the marriage provided a new hope for the family rather than a slow death at the hands of the family’s creditors. The scandal merely burnt bridges to fair-weather friends and backbiters. And admittedly, many of the clan’s “allies” provided little in the way of support for Clan Gundrikson. This began a slow decline for Torvald Gundrikson as his mental state began to deteriorate. At the urgings of their Uncle in Clan Ironhide and Haken Silvermane, they secreted Torvald within an asylum run by the Silent Ones, an order of monks dedicated to Iori the god of knowledge.
Galen became the head of the family and publicly distanced himself from his father, saying that Torvald’s decision was the result of demonic influence on his mind. Haken Silvermane was good as his word and his influential clan backed Galen’s story. The clan’s reputation was saved from sinking further and his own political career began in earnest.

In a few short years he was chosen to be the Grand Cleric of Kharas District. His role as a grand cleric was to lead the district’s priests and their followers. Kharas District was a rowdy part of Highhelm that was plagued with class conflict and the occasional vendetta killing. He managed to gather together concerned citizens to police the worst of the violence and Kharas seemed to quiet down. That is until all hell broke lose. An army of demons took to the streets of Kharas and would have swarmed into the rest of Hightower if it wasn’t for Galen and his men. It was soon discovered that many of the clerics under Galen were part of a cult of apostate demonologists and there was forged evidence that Galen had instructed them to open the abyssal gate. It also came to light from both the Ironhide and Silvermane clans that it was Galen’s idea to lock up his ailing father so he could take control of his clan.

Galen gave himself up to the judgement of Highhelm’s courts. He would find no justice there. On the night of his execution he was visited by his mother who smuggled in a scroll of teleportation which he used to escape Highhelm.

Galen Gundrikson

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