Gundarin Gundrikson

Ex-pirate, supposed barkeep, and lifetime scoundrel.


Dwarf Rogue

O.U.T. – Birds are inexplicably attracted to his beard. He’s long since given up trying to shoo them away.


Gundarin is the third child and second son in the Gundrikson family. He grew up with his head in the clouds, always dreaming of travelling the rest of the world, getting into swashbuckling adventures, and meeting new and interesting people. His father had insisted that he stay at home and “Reforge the glory of our family” or some such nonsense. Gundarin didn’t take to that, and took every opportunity to shirk his familial duties by sneaking off for some fun.

It wasn’t until his sister and eldest sibling Geril was suddenly married off to some human noble that Gundarin decided he had enough. He fled home late in the night and he eventually, after getting into more than his fair share of trouble, joined the Ebonsail pirates. He enjoyed a fruitful and exciting career in piracy, and even stuck around after changes in leadership. After hearing rumblings of shadow monsters being commanded by the Ebonsail leader, however, he decided to quit while he was ahead. Gundarin used his earnings to start a tavern, and ran it successfully for quite a few years. It did, after all, double as a front for some innocent smuggling and occasional fencing.

The only thing that could have brought him back home after all this time eventually came in the form of a letter, informing him that his father Torvald was deathly ill. He never saw eye to eye with his father, but Gundarin was not without his own sense of honor, and it would be nice to see his siblings again. After some deliberation with one of his kegs, Gundarin set out for Highhelm the morning that followed.

Gundarin Gundrikson

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