Gurren Gundrikson

Dwarven Sorcerer and Brewmaster, the youngest son of six siblings.


Unique Thing – Gurren is incapable of getting inebriated – alcohol enters his system and is promptly processed, leaving him with a sad, sad feeling. This doesn’t however stop him from enjoying his ale, drinking it in excess and winning a lot of drinking competitions in the far reaches of Tian Xia and the rest of Golarion.

May or may not have developed an addiction to opium because of this.

Relationship to other siblings:

Geril – “Sister” – fairly neutral, but very dutiful to the family
Galen – “Bro #1” – likes this one the best, always watched out for him when they were young.
Gundarin – “Bro #2” – the sneaky brother, always got into too much trouble
Garrek – “Bro #3” – the bossy brother, kind of talky
Gwenarch – “Awkward Bro” – does he even exist?


Gurren is the youngest son of the five brothers and one sister of the Gundrikson clan and was the last in line for pretty much anything in his family.

For what it was worth though, as the youngest in the family, he was able to wheedle and wheel his parents and older siblings through his childhood and youth, giving him what little privilege he had over his brothers and sister as the youngest son.

Rare among the dwarven people, Gurren discovered he had an unusual knack for magic, although it was very undisciplined and unpolished.

As he grew older, his gained some degree of control over this gift and continued to forge it, learning to control it with each passing day.

He attended Mage College for a bit in an attempt to refine his skill, but that wasn’t particularly his forte and he ended up dropping out. What he did manage to learn from it however was how to sling lightning bolts with the best of them.

The duties of his family didn’t matter much to him, after all it was foisted off onto brothers and sisters. He was free to wander Highhelm, known as the youngest Gundrikson, no wealth or fame to his name. Gurren whiled much of his time away at the ale halls of Highhelm, hanging around the breweries and learning about the craft, being a quick study in the intricacies of making dwarven ale. Here, he also noticed that no matter how much he drank, he did not get drunk – which has came to his advantage more often than not.

Life in Highhelm grew boring and Gurren had heard about the foreign trade cities in the Eastern lands of Tian Xia. The people there apparently drank some brew made from plant leaves known as ‘tea’. Perhaps there was some merit to this ‘tea’, Gurren thought.

However, he was unsure how to proceed with this particular venture, but as he watched his older siblings squabble with father Torvald, and with Geril being married off to… a human, he realized the family was falling apart, and there was nothing he could do but watch.

One by one, as his brothers and sister left Highhelm to pursue their own paths, Gurren too gathered what belongings he had and confided to his eldest brother Galen that he too would set out and visit the mysterious East. To discover his own wealth. And tea.

Using winnings from various drinking competitions, bets and his strange dwarvish charm, Gurren made his way to Tian Xia and managed to establish himself there as authority on Dwarven ale, which began to grow popular amongst the Easterners and their tea.

Charming and impressing his way amongst the merchant guilds, Gundrikson Ale began its spread throughout the exotic peoples of Tian Xia.

His abilities also gathered the attention of various adventurers and they would invite the odd spell-casting brewmaster on their excursions around the land.

As he spent his adulthood in the trade city of Goka, Gurren discovered an unusual flower the locals referred to as poppies and how the local alchemists were able to extract and derive a drug with similar effects to alcohol – figuring that if he wasn’t able to enjoy being ‘drunk’ he might as well give this opium a try.

After indulging in a particularly bad batch of opium, Gurren had a vision of his father, Torvald, who appeared to him, lying on his death bed. Chalking this up to a bad opium trip, Gurren ignored this until a few days later a letter from Galen stating that father was indeed very ill had arrived at his desk.

Sighing and after giving orders to his underlings, Gurren made the long trek back to pay his respects to the father that raised him, like a good son would.

Gurren Gundrikson

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