Gwernach Gundrikson

Treasure Seeking Son in the Gundrickson clan


Dwarven Spelunker-Ranger

One Unique Thing – Gwernach can hear the voices of precious metals and gems. And yes, they all have different voices. From whispers to shouts and anything in between.


Being the second youngest son in a large clan, Gwernach held few hopes of a livable inheritance from the family. Gwernach had always maintained an affinity with nature, beyond that of stone and precious metals and angered the surprise political marriage of his sister Geril, Gwernach set off to forget about his Dwarven heritage. Gwernach fell in with a loose group of rangers who took him in and taught him the ways of their order, such as it was. There were a number of good years spent in the company of nature and those other rangers, but Gwernach began to long for halls of stone and the fauna found in caverns once again. Realizing he was not cut out for the open skies of the above world, Gwernach set out in a new direction, to apply the ideals and principles of ranging in a more dwarven setting. Beginning with ruins and old collapsed tunnels, caves and caverns, Gwernach set out to explore the historic Dwarven sites of old, in hopes of finding trinkets, treasures and heirlooms. After some time had past, Gwernach began to realize he could hear and understand the voices of the items he pursued and some of them spoke of the old Gundrickson clan hoards and stockpiles. Having realized that this information could lead to a new level of wealth and prestige for the entire Gundrickson clan, he set out to find as much of the Gundrickson’s lost holdings as he could. It was in one such treasure hall that Gwernach found a particularly ornate mirror and when he viewed it, he saw not his own reflection, but that of his father, critically ill. With that image he rushed towards his homelands to be at his father’s side once again.

Gwernach Gundrikson

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