Ilmarinen Steelstrike

A sarcastic spellcaster


Ilmarinen is thin to the point of frailty. He still walks with a limp from a long-ago injury, and moves with the aid of a staff of an unusually light metal, topped with a clear gemstone. Those who know him well have seen him move more quickly when the situation requires. He has brown hair that stretches to his shoulders, which he has taken to keeping held back with a simple circlet, and a small scar on his brow. He is often sarcastic by temperament.


On the day he was born, a doctor was summoned to Ilmarinen’s home in Razmirian to examine the weak, sickly baby. The doctor proclaimed that the child was unlikely to live for long, and so the boy was named after a legendary smith, so that he might take some small part of the family’s heritage and tradition to his grave. Yet Ilmarinen lived.

His early years were not happy, however. Ilmarinen proved to have little aptitude for the family profession. Nor did he prove amenable to his father’s plan to toughen him up. Sarcastic and quiet by temperament, he never made any friends. Instead he devoted himself into the study of a few tattered books, teaching himself to read. He envied the natural strength and hardiness of those around him. During his youth, he was frequently sick.

When he was 15, Ilmarinen discovered a hidden temple, dedicated to a long-forgotten God of magic. It was here that Ilmarinen learned his first spells. His bitter nature led him to turn them against his family, playing tricks and manipulating them as he could. At 17, he knew that he had found his path, and on the darkest night, when his connection with his new God was the strongest, he sought to forge a pact, offering his own soul and his service in exchange for one thing: power. His God said no.

Convinced that nothing remained for him, he fled his home and made a living by using his magic to manipulate and deceive others, seeking out items or spells that might bring him power whenever he could. He never stayed in one place very long, driven by a desire to keep his true nature secret and hidden. He began to worship The Celestial, a being that appeared in the sky at dawn and dusk as a sparkling of lights, known to most as The Keeper of Secrets.

The pursuit of power led Ilmarinen to sneak into the Grand Magister of Ustalav’s home, but was discovered. He fled but was badly wounded in the process, a slash to his leg laying the flesh open to the bone. In hiding, he was the subject of a manhunt by the Magister, while his body was wracked by infection from the injury. it was to Ilmarinen’s relief and hurt when his brother finally found him. His brother was the only family member who had treated him with fondness, but Ilmarinen was jealous of his brother’s strength. His brother arranged for them both to be smuggled from the city, courtesy of Valdir Ebonsail, and the two sought refuge upriver.

After the crusade of Mendev, Ilmarinen gained great repute amongst the Council of Archmages, especially for his role in revealing that Norwick Spellstorm was a practitioner of dark magics. He has spent much of that time learning from these great spellcasters, whom he found much more difficult to manipulate than common folk.

Ilmarinen has been changed by his experiences. It was to his shock that he realized that he had come to love his brother Roth, whom he had once hated jealously. And much of the past two years has been spent in dalliance with a brilliant young male Elvish archmage, a prodigy by the name of Angolon Uiron. It is a relationship the two have thus far kept secret. These relationships, and a few near-disasters amongst the Archmages, have led Ilmarinen to reconsider his manipulative nature, though old habits die hard. If anything, his learning has led him to realize just how far he has to go to gain the power he still craves.

Ilmarinen wsa badly injured during the battle of Edessa, being struck down by a spell of the Lich-ruler. Though he recovered enough to finish the fight, afterwards he found his already frail constitution weakening further. Rather than return to the arms of Angolon, he did something unexpected; armed with the Lich’s spellbook, he returned to the Steelstrike smithy. There he was met with suspicion and fear by his relatives. He remained there only a brief time, taking a strange interest in his brother Vanir’s young daughter, before his father and brother demanded that he leave.

Ilmarinen did so the next day. Yet in his wake, his niece Kiira awoke one mornning magically aged into her twenties, now remembering a youth spent with Ilmarinen. As for the wizard himself, he has vanished, and none, not even Angolon, can say where he has gone.

Ilmarinen Steelstrike

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