Ker-Shawn the Preserver

Got to catch them all



Baumkoenig A powerful tree spirit who led a rebellion in the Fey world to utterly destroy Mortalkind. The dark reaches of the Cairnwood mark his grave.

The Courtesan A noblewoman who nearly seized control of the Dragon Empire as the power behind the throne through subtle manipulations, seductions, and blackmail.

The Genghis Chief of Chiefs and ruler of the western tribes by the right of combat. When he died battling The Caesar the tribes went to war over who would be Genghis next, tearing themselves to shreds.

The Thought Lords Seven powerful psionicists who drained the power of all other psions during their Age.

Quintin the Mage, from the silver ship


Ker-Shawn was a mercenary for the briefest of time, until fate set him onto a different course. He thought he died in his first battle, but he awoke to find himself the captive of a very angry gnome.

He spent the last couple years travelling with Fara, and was also reborn during the great ritual. He merged with Zentrax, the scribe of the court of Ishar, and was granted the task of preserving the spirits of those whose destinies were denied. It seems Ishar is not quite done with them yet.

Ker-Shawn the Preserver

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