Roth Steelstrike

Corrupt and fierce fighter, and ex-heir to the Steelstrike smithing empire.


Age: 22


Few fathers have ever been more proud to have a son. Roth was the firstborn son of the latest grandmaster smith of the Steelstrike family. His father placed upon him all his hopes for the future of the family business, training him endlessly on both the art of smithing, as well as how to use his creations. “To know what a warrior needs from his weapon and armor, you must become the warrior,” he often preached.

Roth was obedient, but undriven. Others saw him as a prodigy, a master smith in the making if not a legendary swordsman. But to himself, he was just a man like any other, and often felt that he could never really live up to his father’s expectations, for they were too great for any man to match. In this way he felt a strong kinship with his younger brother, who like himself could not live up to father’s standards.

It was on a fateful morning that the personal guard of the Grand Magister came knocking on the door, asking after the younger of the two brothers. The guards barged in, and began violently searching the home. Roth fled, snatching the closest weapon at hand: an ancient greatsword named Vorynt forged from unearthly metals that had been in the family for generations.

When Roth tracked down his brother, he was severely wounded, and still being hunted by the guards. He called in a favor with an old client and ne’er-do-well, Valdir Ebonsail, to have the brothers smuggled out of the city.

After successfully assisting with pushing back the demons encroaching upon the land from the Worldwound, Roth set upon a quest of a more personal nature. He had learned from his travels that the blade in his possession, Vorynt, was one of several items forged from the soul of a demon named Vorchaius. Roth set out to locate the other pieces of his weapons and armor, lest they be used for evil.

Some time later, Roth rejoined old companions, including hs brother Ilmarinen, in a quest that would later culminate in the battle of Edessa. He had changed during his travels, becoming more cold and ill tempered; not the honorable and moral man he once was. Unbeknownst to him, Vorchaius was slowly extering his influnce over him as he sought to acquire more pieces of his armor and weapons.

When the battle was won, Ilmarinen voiced his intentions to return home to the Steelstrike family. Roth disagreed, “They will never take a weakling like you back!” He exclaimed. When Ilmarinen called Roth out on his erratic behavior, and how much he had changed, he flew into a rage. Were it not for the mage’s protective magics, Roth surely would have killed his own brother.

And so he set out on his own once again, with only one thought on his mind. One thought that drives him to the ends of the earth, and haunts him always: find the other pieces of Vorchaius.

Roth Steelstrike

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