Taloran "Tal" Sunstar

A debaucherous and fun-loving bard, he's something of a genius, when his own stupidity doesn't get in his way.


Taloran “Tal” Sunstar

Race: Human
Class: Bard

Level: 3

Str: 8
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 14
Wis: 10
Cha: 18

HP: 40
AC: 16
PD: 14
MD: 16
Initiative: d20+5
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 2d8 +1
- Student +3
- Thief +3
- Wandering Performer +4

One Unique Thing: “I am destined to attempt the Test of the Starstone, and one day join the ranks of Cayden Cailean.”

+2 positive relationship with Cayden Cailean.
+1 negative relationship with Grimshanks.

Leather Armor
Rapier (2d6 dmg)
Hand Crossbow (2d4 dmg)

Spellsinger (one additional bard spell/song)
Jack of Spells (one additional spell from another class – in this case ‘Heal’ from Clerics. You’d be amazed how often pirates need patching up!)
Songmaster (+1 to +3 bonus to maintaining a bard song, through RP)

Battle Cries:
“Cry of the Battlemender” (Pull it Together!)
“Warleader’s Demand!” (Stay Strong!)
“Take Him Down!” (It’s All Yours!)

Bard Songs/Spells:
“The Gods Lend Their Aid” (Song of Aid)
“The Valkyrie’s Call” (Song of Thunder)
“The Favour of the Divine” (Song of Spilt Blood)
“Breath of the Dryad” (Wild Heal)
“The Laughing God Taunts You!” (Vicious Mockery)

Heal – Heal can now be used on anyone nearby.
Pull it Together! – Target now adds +1d4 per point on the escalation die.
Stay Strong! – Bonus now also applies to PD.
Battle Cries – Generate effects of any battle cry as a standard action.


Taloran was born to a high ranking noble family. His father – a popular and charismatic politician, and mage – and his mother – an esteemed academic and arcane scholar – were invited by Mengkare, the gold dragon, to live on Hermea. Born on Hermea, “Tal” had an education most could only dream of. Schooled not only in the sciences and scholastic arts, but also music, dance, combat, and even the arcane arts. Something of a prodigy, Tal excelled in nearly every subject, often leaving his peers in his shadow. However, Tal was also a troublemaker, constantly getting into places he was not wanted, or shouldn’t be, stealing trinkets and heirlooms for fun. His peers were often caught in his wake, as he pulled them into his schemes. By the age of 10, Tal had earned the ire of many of the residents of Promise, Hermea’s only city.

To curb this behaviour, and place the prodigy back on the proper path, Mengkare ordered Taloran to be placed under heavy supervision, and heavily restricted his extracurricular activities. For years after, Tal chaffed under the leash. He yearned to explore, and adventure as many of his heroes did. He found inspiration in his favorite god (and in his mind, the only one of worth), Cayden Cailean – the Accidental God. He found his rise to godhood not only inspirational, but profoundly exciting.

After graduating at the age of 16, Tal was offered “citizenship with great distinction” in Hermea, and offered the road to a prestigious career in politics and academia. Tal scoffed. He stowed away on a ship leaving port, and never looked back.

A decade later, after years of roaming the mainland of Avistan, Tal had developed a decent life for himself, playing to crowds in city squares, taverns, and even king’s courts all over – always with his trusty fiddle ‘Angel Braid’. His tale was not an uncommon one, bedding women and drinking copious amounts of wine, but it was his life, free of constraint or control.

Never one to back down from a fight, Tal saw himself as something of a protector, giving aid to those in need who could not help themselves (while always being ready to help himself to a trinket or two!). His exploits, both legal and illegal, have earned him a reputation as the “Laughing Thief” – so-called for his propensity to laugh and sing in the middle of a swordfight, mocking his opponents in song as his rapier slices their skin, or cackling as he flees the scene of a particularly good theft.

There are few things Tal loves more than chaos. He lives for it, thrives in it. It was this trait that initially drew him to Valdir Ebonsail. When the two originally crossed paths, Tal had thought to make a quick score stealing some valuables from Valdir’s hold. After Valdir caught him, the two quickly engaged each other in combat. After nearly an hour, both exhausted from fighting, Tal could only laugh. And laugh. He found the situation hysterical, while Valdir could only watch in amazement as this bard, who only hours before had regaled him and his crew with a fantastic rendition of “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, now sat beside him, bloodied and exhausted, laughing so hard tears fell down his face. Not one to turn away a potentially lucrative and useful asset, Valdir offered Tal a job. Tal took on the job without hesitation, and for several years, the two traveled together, Tal providing easy access to many ports with a song or a show, and often serving as a useful distraction while Valdir’s crew worked, and both came out much wealthier than before. However, this golden period came to an end with the addition of Grimshanks to the Ebonsails. Hearing a particularly harrowing tale from one of the serving maids he was bedding regarding the Ebonsails’ newest lieutenant, Tal was able to warn Valdir of Grimshanks’ betrayal, but too late to save most of his crew.

When the city guards arrived at the failed raid, Tal was forced to flee, and could only look on helplessly as Valdir was captured. Tal was fortunately able to slip a few gold coins into the right palms, to buy off the guards at Valdir’s execution, and have them tie Valdir’s binding just enough to pass inspection, but loose enough that he might slip away.

After hearing about the events of Valdir’s execution (or lack thereof), Tal knew his plan had worked, and set out to find his captain once more. However, if there was one thing a smuggler knows how to do, it’s hide – and hide Valdir did. So well, that it took months for Tal to track him down again, after hearing about a recent assassination attempt by the Ebonsails under Grimshanks’ command. With that knowledge in hand, Tal sets out to find his whirlpool of a captain once more…

The Black Comet Arrives

Following the battle of Hermea, Tal grew restless and ventured onward, resurfacing only to aid Valdir in reclaiming his rightful place at the head of the Blacksails. Afterward, Tal left his faithful captain, knowing he would be reunited with him again someday, but for now, he needed adventure, not business. He wandered the continent, returning to his former lifestyle of singing, swindling, and diddling. And then the comet came.

Following the arrival of the Black Comet, Tal knew things had changed. This was never more apparent than the courier who arrived (mid-coitus I might add!), panting and heaving, carrying a message of great urgency. Tal leapt at the chance for a new adventure (leaving his lady companion calling after him!), and quickly set off to rejoin his lost companions for what would surely prove to be a dangerous (and exciting!) journey once again.

A Companion Lost

The Battle of Edessa long over, Tal had taken to wandering once more. Being conspicuously absent for most of the events in Edessa proved no challenge for the embellished storytelling of Taloran. Time and again patrons heard of Tal and his companions doing battle with the Lich King of Edessa, and how Taloran had landed the killing stroke against the undead patriarch, to much applause (and female companionship).

But then came troubling word of Roth, and his condition. Tal quickly packed up his things, and set off once again to rejoin his friends, and set right the wrong that he had allowed to occur in his absence.

Taloran "Tal" Sunstar

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