The Age of Lost Omens

The Fall of Sir Granit Hightower
In which our heroes turn disaster into triumph.

11 – 19 Deznus 4711

It was with the timely intervention of our heroes that the Hightower Crusade was not wiped out. The only chance of escape would be a fighting retreat through Orman’s Pass through the Zerek Hills. Unfortunately, the great hero Ser Granite Hightower was slain along with his entourage after they were cut off from the rest of the Crusade’s army.

The Battle of Drezen
In which our heroes travel into the Worldwound to retake the City of Drezen

20 Gozran – 11 Deznus 4711

The Grand Crusade of Sir Hightower

Sir Granit Hightower, son of the Lord Warden of the North, arrived at Nerosyan to gather an army to retake the lost city of Drezen. This was believed to be an impossible task since the demons of the Worldwound had turned the glorious city into a wretched hive. Sir Hightower’s counter to this claim was a secret weapon. Between the rumor of an easy victory, his natural charisma as well as support from luminaries such as the great hero Sir Baldor Meade, the Drezen Crusade’s ranks swelled.

Our heroes joined the crusade for much the same reason. Valdir had met with Xalianna and learned of a lost vault near Drezen that held an item that would be of great importance to her. He agreed to crack the vault for her in exchange for a sizeable cash reward.

Ilmarinen’s past came back to haunt him as the Grand Magister of Ustalav is offering a bounty for his capture in regards to the murder of his apprentice Amalia Windborn. The wizard had employed the services of a decoy to throw the bounty hunters off his trail.

Fort Amlur and the Tears of Iomedae

The trek took them to Fort Amlur where Hightower was mustering its troops. There they encountered Vanir Swiftstrike, youngest son of the Hightower family. He was in charge of the secret weapon. Roth and Ilmarinen asked Valdir to poison Vanir both as a way to remove him from the potentially dangerous campaign into the worldwound as well as getting access to the secret weapon.

This ruse, however, attracted the attention of Karzak, a inquisitor of the Iomedae’s temple. Roth was captured and submitted to interrogation underneath a Zone of Truth. Roth admitted to his interest in the weapon but managed to conceal knowledge of Ilmarinen and the other fugitives in his party. Karzak bound Roth in an oath to the crusade and put him to work to maintain the weapon.

The weapon turned out to be the Tears of Iomedae, a glowing stone that cast searing holy light. It is said that the light of the Tears burns away the sins of any who look upon it and only the most righteous can stand to be in its presence without being lit aflame. Vanir Steelstrike had been set to repair the lost weapon. He had been layered in the most potent of protective wards, even then the Tears of Iomedae was said to have affected the boy’s mind.

Within the Worldwound

The Hightower Crusade’s journey into the Worldwound was dangerous but they were buoyed by the nature of their holy quest. When a demonic horde caught wind of their advance, Sir Hightower believed it would be a fitting test of the Secret Weapon. They met the demons on the field of battle and the Tears were deployed. It’s light washed over the charging horde. The initial ranks were incinerated completely, the rest scattered and broken by the Crusade’s fierce counter charge. The Tears were a resounding success.

The Black Vault

A hidden vault of proscribed magical artifacts was hidden beneath an abandoned temple. Valdir snuck out with the rest of the party and raided the vault. They found the Demon’s Eye, the artifact that Xaliana requested, as well as an Imp that had been trapped in a magically sealed bottle. The Imp agreed to serve whoever let him out for so long as they lived. Their cart stuffed with loot from the vault they made their way back to the Crusade’s camp.

The Massacre at Drezen

On the following day the army arrayed itself outside of Drezen. A vast horde of demons spilled out from the lost city to meet them. Despite this the crusaders were not afraid for they knew the Tears of Iomedae would tip the balance in their favour.

When the horde swept towards like the a howling tide Sir Hightower gave the order to open the sealed box containing the Tears. Like before, it’s beam of light struck the horde, however there was an almost imperceptible whine and the cracking of glass and the Tears of Iomedae fractured. The beam split and the light began scything into the ranks of the crusaders. Terror was pandemic and the Crusader’s line fell beneath the demonic assault. Thus began the slaughter at Drezen.

Xaliana's Offer
In which Valdir takes small revenge on his former pirate crew.

19 Gozran 4711

Valdir and Taloran met with Xaliana of the River Rat. The woman offered them a job to disrupt the Ebonsail smuggling operations that had been hampering her own business ventures.

They convinced the party to aid in their quest to sink the Bonnie Lass, an infamous smuggling ship, in the Nerosyan harbor.

The operation went smoothly, the Steelstrike brothers nailing down the crew at the local blind-pig and Valdir and company storming and burning the ship to cinders.

Taloran discovered a mysterious puzzle box in the possession of the ship’s captain.

Valdir left a calling card to taunt the remaining Ebonsails.

Curse of the Green Mirror
in which a horrible curse grips the village of St. Cuthberts.

16 – 18 Gozran 4711

The heroes arrived at St. Cuthberts as heroes. Ser Balor Meade promptly took all credit for revealing the conspiracy against the town as well as slaying the Dread River Serpent.

They celebrated in the town for several at the Blind Pig when a funeral procession crossed passed the tavern. A scuffle broke out as Berle and Dovan Rannoch fought over their inheritance. It became so violent that they knocked over their own father’s body. A green copper mirror fell from the corpse’s hands.

After returning the mirror to Dovan Rannoch, they soon discovered that the mirror had appeared in his father’s possession under mysterious circumstances. Following the trail of madness and murder they discovered that the mirror itself had a parasitic relationship to whomever possessed it.

They found the drunkard Berle Rannoch dead in the street, an apparent victim of a savage animal attack, and Dovan Rannoch dead in his office from a blast of arcane fire. Tomas, Dovan’s employee at the counting house, was an aspiring mage, and after laying eyes on the enchanted mirror, planned to use it in a ritual to create an item that would increase his power. Unfortunately his ineptitude caused a rift. An alien horde known as the Mindless Ones began to spill into the village. It was only with the heroes’ timely intervention that the invasion was stopped.

The Great Serpent of the Egelsee River
9 - 15 Gozran 4711
  • Our heroes departed for the Estrovian Wood in search for Baba Yaga, the old witch of the woods.
  • They encounter an old man claiming to be a wandering priest of Caiden Cailan, the god of adventure. They shared a drink with the old man who would wax philosophic about adventure, luck and fate. At the end of the evening he offered a wager of dice. The winner would receive a blessing from the god Caiden. Ilmarinen took up the wager and cheated, winning the blessing.
  • After traveling through the wood they encountered Baba Yaga’s hut inside a giant cave. Ser Meade approached the hut and hurled threats at the witch. He was promptly transformed into a horrid donkey-creature.
  • Baba Yaga agreed to offer information to the whereabouts to the Leviathan’s Horn to the party if the Steelstrike brothers could reforge her son’s blade.
  • The brothers were successful in reforging the blade and the queen of witches was satisfied with their work. She told them the Leviathan’s horn had been kept in an old barrow deep in the estrovian woods. Perhaps the adventurers would find their answers within the tomb.
  • The adventurers left, but not before Ilmarinen stole a copper mirror from Baba Yaga’s workshop.
  • They found the barrow infested with Deskari worshippers.
  • Afterwards they spoke with the ghost of the horn’s creator and she told them of a group of demons who took the horn back to the village of St. Cuthbert. The horn could only be used effectively by a mortal.
  • Hurrying back to the village they organized a search for the horn.
  • Valdir discovered that the village blacksmith, Quesling, was acting suspiciously. He followed him to his shack and discovered the smith had created a shrine of Deskari in his home as well as a kidnapped victim. Valdir assassinated Quesling and freed the victim.
  • Quesling had been summoning the Great River Serpent to intercept river boats coming to and from Nerosyan. The demons held the horn for Quesling while he went about his business so that he would not be caught with the device.
  • As our heroes confronted the demons, one demon took the horn and blew into it, daming the consequences. The horn, misplayed, drove the Leviathan mad. It made a warpath for the village of St. Cuthbert.
  • Taloran the bard managed to figure out the Leviathan horn at the last minute before the village was destroyed.
  • In the end our heroes thwarted the plot to strangle support for the Mendev Crusade as well as revealed the first layer of a deadly cult of Deskari, the demon lord of locusts.
The Age of Lost Omens
6 - 9 Gozran 4713
  • Our story begins with Fara and Radek travel to the nation of Ustalav to recruit more troops into the 4th crusade. They are accompanied by the knight Ser Baldor Meade.
  • Meade was proven disinterested in such a menial task and left the lion’s share of the work to his subordinates.
  • Radek insulted Meade and this resulted in a duel. Meade won, more from luck than skill.
  • Meanwhile the Steelstrike brothers met with Valdir Ebonsail to be smuggled out of Ustalav.
  • Ebonsail met with an old partner named Weasel. Weasel agreed to help smuggle the three of them out of Ustalav at midnight.
  • when they met with Weasel he was killed by an assassin. It was an ambush!
  • Ilmarinen’s spell drew the attention of the departing Crusaders. The thieves, realizing that their plans had been foiled, left to finish the job later.
  • The Steelstrikes and Ebonsail joined with the Crusaders.
  • Days passed on their voyage eastward when suddenly the ship was violently capsized. A great serpent had swept beneath the boat and tossed it violently into the air.
  • The survivors picked up the pieces and mourned the dead.
  • The adventurers arrived at Fort Lookout near Nerosyan. The countryside had been invaded by Skelks, a predatory species of fish-men.
  • Ilmarinen inadvertantly revealed a diabolist’s conspiracy involving the fort’s quartermaster, wizard and a group of bandits.
  • Captain Vance, impressed by the Adventurers efforts in revealing the conspiracy, has asked them to seek the Old Woman of the Estrovian Forest in the hopes that she could shed some light on the giant serpent that has been scuttling ships in the river.
Gods and Icons

Lets start putting our Icons, Gods and other faction related stuff here.

Nehalenna – Goddess of the North Sea
Nehalenna protects the Northern Seas, her and her followers keeping it safe from interlopers and intruders. A fickle goddess, her moods changing randomly, she has been known to bless and save ship fulls of sailors from a wreckage, while condemning others to die in a squall.

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