The Age of Lost Omens

The Loom of Fate 4
The Plague in Riddleport

Our heroes entered Riddleport. They discovered that Overlord Cromarcky had sealed off that various districts of the city to contain the plague. Many-Coins district, the wealthiest part of the city, was walled off and guarded by the Overlord’s personal mercenary army.

The party split-up to learn more about Kourion. Mahmoud and Kershawn discovered an old ally from Mendev had taken up residence in RIddleport. Xaliana, the owner and proprietor of the River Rat Casino Barge had taken up smuggling. As a favour to the adventurers she agreed to guide them to wherever they needed to go in the city.

Valdir discovered that the Ebonsails pirates had been driven from Riddleport. The survivor of the deadly attack was holed up in a safe house. He said that it was Valdir himself who betrayed them, slaughtering his fellow pirates. He mentioned creatures made of shadow and smoke that dragged his brothers screaming into the abyss. Valdir did not know what to make of this, and surmised that a shadowy doppelgänger was afoot.

Kiira witnessed the greed of the temple clerics of Riddleport. Their healing magics were sold to the highest bidder. The excuse they gave was that curing the disease seemed to weaken the miracle workers considerably and that the extra money was needed to help with mundane means to sustain and care for the divine casters. Kiira, not able to resist helping the unfortunates, began to cast her divine magic in the streets. This set off a riot as hundreds of plague victims scrambled to be healed by her power. The drain on her was substantial and she soon became too weary to continue without hurting herself. The clerics of the All-Gods temple sent out their priests to grab Kiira and stop her heretical actions. Kiira fled during the riot but let it be known where she was staying.

The Loom of Fate 3
Hell Knights and Demon Metal

Once they descended from the Kodar mountains they crossed the Noman Lands. They found a village under attack by a group of Hell Knights and their soldiers. The Knights charged towards them and encircled them, demanding that they stand aside and let them search the village. The heroes, not wanting to provoke the knights, agreed and moved to where the rest of the villagers were being held. A team of soldiers had a hooded basilisk aimed at the villagers. It’s deadly gaze would kill them stone-dead if they were to try anything.

Valdir, chatting with one of their guards, discovered that the Hell Knights were looking for a piece of metal which its mere presence could corrupt whoever held it. The Hell Knight’s inquisitors had tracked it across Varisia where they found that last man to possess it, a pedlar who had sold it to someone in the village. The man could tell them no more as he had perished under the inquisitor’s torture.

The guard admitted that if they found the metal here that, regrettably, the village would have to be purged as the demonic presence was a great danger to anyone who had come near it.

This was enough for Kershawn, who immediately smashed the nearest Hell Knight to pieces. The Basilisk and its team perished in a hail of arrows and magical fire. The Hell Knights were broken and attempted to retreat but they were killed to a man.

It was later discovered that the village smith had indeed bought the metal. Valdir stole the demon metal away from underneath the smith’s nose which drove the villager mad. He was subdued but it was clear that the man’s mind was completely lost. The mayor of the village begged them to take the cursed metal shard away. With their business down in the village the heroes continued on their quest to Riddleport.

When they arrived the party discovered that the city of pirates and outlaws was suffering under a terrible plague and that if they were to enter, they would be entering a city of death.

The Loom of Fate 2
In the sanctuary of Ishar

During the celebration our heroes each were addressed by revellers. These green-eyed strangers asked them, “Do you believe in fate?”

Mahmoud the wizard replied that no fate is written and that each man was master of his own destiny.

Tonir the ranger said that he did not know, unbeknownst to him his own actions were controlled by an alien force.

Valdir told the reveller to shut and drink.

The green-eyed stranger revealed herself to Kershawn the hobgoblin, as the avatar of Ishar the Goddess of Forture and Fate. She asked if he was ready to undertake a great quest. He bowed low and accepted without hesitation.

When they all fell asleep for the night they each dreamed of mighty wings taking them away. In the morning they discovered that they had been transported to the top of the Kodar Mountains, to the hidden sanctuary of Ishar.

The head cleric asked them to help construct an artifact of great power. The Loom of Fate. With the Loom they could once again reliably read the future and create a new age of prophecy. They only require the remains of the Oracle of Kourion. It was said that this ancient Azlant oracle could see the future with unerring clarity. The heroes agreed to undertake this quest.

Valdir and Taloran agreed for the sake of the power and money they could gain if they were to foresee the future. Mahmoud deeply resented the idea of working for any god but agreed reluctantly with the party’s wishes. Kershawn worked for the glory of Ishar. Kiira wished to help in the Loom’s construction and use its power to locate her lost uncle. Tonir’s reasons were, like always, inscrutable.

And so in the morning they descended the mountain in search for the Lost City of Kourion.

The Loom of Fate 1
In which our heroes recover the Harvest Horn and begin a new adventure.

At the behest of Hermes, the leader of Edessa’s survivors, you have traveled to the far off land of Numeria. It is a savage wasteland of barbarians and dark wizards fighting over alien artifacts that fell from the stars.

You seek the Harvest Horn, a holy artifact of Desna. It is said that if one of Desna’s faithful sounds the horn then the earth itself would waken to new life despite the damage it has suffered. It was stolen long ago, but your search has revealed that the latest owner of the horn is a wizard of Technic League. He disgraced himself from his shadowy colleagues and leads a ferocious group of raiders.

Once the party arrived in Numeria they approached the Silver Rock, a chunk of the Silver Mount that had landed in far from the main structure. Strange shambling creatures were wandering around the wreckage. Their presence made Toldir uneasy as he could hear their keening wails while the others could not.

They put the creatures to the sword and marched to the gate. Valdir knocked. Quintus’s voice echoed from pipes running through and around the structure. “You killed my guard dogs. Give me a reason why I shouldn’t have my men skin you alive and eat the rest?”

“Because we want to talk business.” Valdir replied. Through guile Valdir lead Quintus outside his fortress and snatched away the Harvest Horn. The raiders were slain and they left Numeria with their prize.

They sailed back to Edessa and Hermes was presented with the Harvest Horn. At the steps of the newly constructed temple to Desna he blew on the horn. Wherever the note traveled the land quickened and new life was given to the devastated island. Edessa was poor and could give the heroes no monetary reward, but Hermes and Edessa recognized them as boon companions and they would always have safe harbour in Edessa until the end of days.

Chapter 3
The Scourging of Edessa

Once Prince Hermes emerged from the healing waters of the Hidden Pool, it was clear that the Lich King of Edessa would no longer have a vessel to use in order to prolong his terrible life. The quest was not over, however as the Lich still lived.

Our heroes made haste to the island kingdom. On the way they discovered boats floating to the mainland. They were stuffed with corpses, each boat containing an army of undead ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. They had no time to lose.

Hermes led the heroes through the lost city and through hidden passageways into the heart of Edessa Keep. They found the Lich King, his mortal disguise already sloughing off his body. Thus began the battle for Edessa. When the Lich was struck down he mocked the heroes. “You’ll never be rid of me for so long as my phylactery exists.”

The prince had an epiphany, realizing that the golden quill that the king used must have been his phylactery. They rushed into the hidden vaults of the lich king, pursued by an army of the undead. They found the quill and fought their way to a forge.

Roth, using his skill as a smith, lit the forge while under fire from assassin arrows. When the fire was lit and heated he was about to cast the quill into the fire except his gauntlets (forged from the remains of a demon lord) began to seize up, controlling his every mood. The Prince grabbed the quill from Roth and threw it into the forge where it melted. The Lich’s hold on his undead army was broken.

Their victory was bittersweet. Edessa’s population had been destroyed by the Lich’s machinations but the rest of Golarion was safe from his invasion plans. Prince Hermes’ royal heritage was a sham. Despite this he vowed to collect whatever survivors were left on Edessa and begin anew.

Chapter 2

When our heroes confronted a group of Death Cultists who had formed a human chain barring their path. “You cannot proceed any further. You know now what you meddle with. Turn back!” The cultists resisted any means to pass them by. A brief and bloody struggle ensued and the cultists offered their lives freely. The experience left the heroes shaken and further cast doubt on the nature of their quest.

When they finally confronted the cultists performing a ritual with the Prince; Dracos and Argos, the king’s agents leaped into the fray and began to slay the cultists indiscriminantly. Sensing that something was very wrong Grayli the thief recovered the Prince and had Farah spirit the man away. The knights were separated in the confusion but not before a spell caused Argos (who was only an empty armor shell) to fly apart and seal itself around the Prince, the armor became searing hot and burned him badly.

With that, the heroes fled the forest, fighting their pursuers. A surviving cultist told them that King Jamon was not cursed to die when his son reached his 20th year. Rather, the King was a lich that had maintained his youth for thousands of years by preying on the lives of countless victims. His kingship was a con and his ‘son’ was the latest victim.

They regrouped in an abandoned monastery that the Cult of Pharsma used and through the guidance of a strange hermit, found a magical pool that could heal the Prince’s wounds. Now that the Prince was saved and his curse removed; they gather what power they can to slay the lich and stop the cycle of death.

The Black Comet
Chapter 1

The King of Edessa’s son, Prince Hermes, had been kidnapped by an unknown enemy. The King summoned the heroes of Mendev to investigate the disappearance.

During their investigation It came to light that the King suffered from a curse where he was doomed to die when his son turned 20 years old. When the King was confronted he admitted to the curse and said that he had accepted his fate long ago and that he just wished to have his son back. To aid in their investigation he assigned two of his greatest knights; Dracos and Argos. They were covered head to toe with elaborate plate armour with the helms fashioned in a dragon and eagle respectively.

Our heroes discovered a group of thugs called the Hurleys were responsible for the kidnapping and they were working at the behest of a Pharasma death-cult. They had escaped Edessa to a city known as Blackwater with the prince hidden within a coffin. The heroes were hot on their trail, knocking aside any of the thugs and cultists that got in their way.

While they were hunting the cultists; Grayli Trapspringer noticed that neither Dracos or Argoes seemed to eat or sleep. Also, Argos would leave the camp by herself and return shortly. Her curiousity overriding her caution she pick-pocketed Argos and discovered a silver mirror which linked to the King in Edessa and, pretendin to be Argos, learned that the heroes were disposble in their quest for the Prince. Something was foul in Edessa.

The Black Comet.

2 Years have passed since the Heroes triumphed at Mendev, preventing the collapse of the world itself. The party has slowly divided, each going their separate ways, or departing in small groups, as peace and prosperity followed in the wake of the demonic defeat.

Until the day of the Black Comet.

The ink-black comet, said to be a sign from Pharasma herself, has caused cults to rise in her name, popping up all over the region. Tensions have begun to increase, as the cults, lead by powerful clerics of Pharasma have begun killing any who have cheated death. Diabolists, necromancers, ghouls, anything that has somehow prolonged it’s life, in violation of the natural order.

In the distant land to the south, in the Kingdom Edessa, a King’s son is kidnapped, grief stricken and desperate, he sends his couriers to the only heroes he knows of that could return his beloved son alive.

The Fall of Sir Granit Hightower
In which our heroes turn disaster into triumph.

11 – 19 Deznus 4711

It was with the timely intervention of our heroes that the Hightower Crusade was not wiped out. The only chance of escape would be a fighting retreat through Orman’s Pass through the Zerek Hills. Unfortunately, the great hero Ser Granite Hightower was slain along with his entourage after they were cut off from the rest of the Crusade’s army.

The Battle of Drezen
In which our heroes travel into the Worldwound to retake the City of Drezen

20 Gozran – 11 Deznus 4711

The Grand Crusade of Sir Hightower

Sir Granit Hightower, son of the Lord Warden of the North, arrived at Nerosyan to gather an army to retake the lost city of Drezen. This was believed to be an impossible task since the demons of the Worldwound had turned the glorious city into a wretched hive. Sir Hightower’s counter to this claim was a secret weapon. Between the rumor of an easy victory, his natural charisma as well as support from luminaries such as the great hero Sir Baldor Meade, the Drezen Crusade’s ranks swelled.

Our heroes joined the crusade for much the same reason. Valdir had met with Xalianna and learned of a lost vault near Drezen that held an item that would be of great importance to her. He agreed to crack the vault for her in exchange for a sizeable cash reward.

Ilmarinen’s past came back to haunt him as the Grand Magister of Ustalav is offering a bounty for his capture in regards to the murder of his apprentice Amalia Windborn. The wizard had employed the services of a decoy to throw the bounty hunters off his trail.

Fort Amlur and the Tears of Iomedae

The trek took them to Fort Amlur where Hightower was mustering its troops. There they encountered Vanir Swiftstrike, youngest son of the Hightower family. He was in charge of the secret weapon. Roth and Ilmarinen asked Valdir to poison Vanir both as a way to remove him from the potentially dangerous campaign into the worldwound as well as getting access to the secret weapon.

This ruse, however, attracted the attention of Karzak, a inquisitor of the Iomedae’s temple. Roth was captured and submitted to interrogation underneath a Zone of Truth. Roth admitted to his interest in the weapon but managed to conceal knowledge of Ilmarinen and the other fugitives in his party. Karzak bound Roth in an oath to the crusade and put him to work to maintain the weapon.

The weapon turned out to be the Tears of Iomedae, a glowing stone that cast searing holy light. It is said that the light of the Tears burns away the sins of any who look upon it and only the most righteous can stand to be in its presence without being lit aflame. Vanir Steelstrike had been set to repair the lost weapon. He had been layered in the most potent of protective wards, even then the Tears of Iomedae was said to have affected the boy’s mind.

Within the Worldwound

The Hightower Crusade’s journey into the Worldwound was dangerous but they were buoyed by the nature of their holy quest. When a demonic horde caught wind of their advance, Sir Hightower believed it would be a fitting test of the Secret Weapon. They met the demons on the field of battle and the Tears were deployed. It’s light washed over the charging horde. The initial ranks were incinerated completely, the rest scattered and broken by the Crusade’s fierce counter charge. The Tears were a resounding success.

The Black Vault

A hidden vault of proscribed magical artifacts was hidden beneath an abandoned temple. Valdir snuck out with the rest of the party and raided the vault. They found the Demon’s Eye, the artifact that Xaliana requested, as well as an Imp that had been trapped in a magically sealed bottle. The Imp agreed to serve whoever let him out for so long as they lived. Their cart stuffed with loot from the vault they made their way back to the Crusade’s camp.

The Massacre at Drezen

On the following day the army arrayed itself outside of Drezen. A vast horde of demons spilled out from the lost city to meet them. Despite this the crusaders were not afraid for they knew the Tears of Iomedae would tip the balance in their favour.

When the horde swept towards like the a howling tide Sir Hightower gave the order to open the sealed box containing the Tears. Like before, it’s beam of light struck the horde, however there was an almost imperceptible whine and the cracking of glass and the Tears of Iomedae fractured. The beam split and the light began scything into the ranks of the crusaders. Terror was pandemic and the Crusader’s line fell beneath the demonic assault. Thus began the slaughter at Drezen.


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