The Forgotten God of Magic

Once this god ruled over the domains of magic, granting boons and powerful spells, guiding those who would use and master arcane powers. Yet worship of this being ceased, robbing it of much of its power. It remains, a shadow of itself, though if it is biding its time in wait, or it has accepted its reduction into obscurity, no-one knows.

The Celestial, Keeper of Secrets

The Celestial is a being that exists in the night sky, visible as a sparkling of lights at dawn and dusk. It is known as the Keeper of Secrets, for those who believe in it know that it is forever listening, forever hearing. If it has some purpose or plan, it does not share it with anyone. This being is not exactly a god, but not exactly a mortal, either. It does sometimes share its secrets with those who acknowledge it and offer it secrets in return, though if it chooses to do so for any reason or justification it is not clear.


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