People of Interest

Queen Galfrey

Queen Galfrey is the absolute monarch of the crusader-state of Mendev, and leader of the Mendevian Crusades.

Joman Ammados, King of Edessa

Joman, second son of the late king Eridos, a prominent and powerful wizard, turned down position amongst the archmages to return home, after news of his brother’s death at the hand of his father reached the mainland. He overthrew his father, and became the reigning King.

Elias Steelstrike

Elias Steelstrike is a legendary grandsmith, sought out across the land for the finest in weapons and armor. Steelstrike wares are of such high quality, that even Kings commission custom made weaponry and armor in exchange for small fortunes.

Captain Vance

A young captain of the crusade. The war has prematurely aged him. His eyes are sharp and his demeanour stoic.

Ser Baldor Meade

An arrogant knight in pursuit of glory. Flies a red and gold banner with a donkey emblazoned on it.

Vanir Steelstrike

The younger Steelstrike brother.

Norwick Spellstorm, the Grand Magister of Ustalav

An old man clad in white. He has the manner of a kindly old grandfather. Only his name and fearsome reputation give a clue to his true power as the greatest mage in Ustalav.

Angolon Uiron

Of a noble elvish family, Angolon Uiron is regarded as a prodigy, casting his first spell at age two and becoming an acknowledged spellcaster by the age of twelve. He is the keeper and guardian of powerful artifacts and spells which he shares with no-one. He is regarded by other archmages as somewhat young, willful and at times misguided, yet he considers his role as archmage to be an unbreakable duty. He has, in the past, blatantly undertaken relationships with both men and women of all walks of life, which some of the other archmages find somewhat disagreeable, but has kept the name of his latest dalliance thus far a secret.

The Sons of Stone

A mercenary unit originally founded by Ergat Stonehammer 250 years ago, it’s grown in size to become a 5,000 person strong unit. Divided into 5 Divisions of 1,000 men and woman, which are further divided into 10 Companies of 1,00 people. Each division is an independent, autonomous unit, taking which ever job the division commander deems appropriate.

The Gundrikson Family

Gundrikson Family History

People of Interest

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