Supernatural Creatures, Demons, Other Dimension Beings


A small winged creature made of smoldering ashes. A deranged grin is plastered on its face.

The Dream Walker

The Dream Walker is a mysterious entity. It is unclear if he is man, or god, or demon. Or none of these. He appears in dreams and directs his agents to his own mysterious ends. The Dream Walker appears to take many forms, the two most common of these are a giant golden serpent whose coils extend into eternity, and the other is a human male form, shrouded in mist and darkness. His objectives are his own, and none of his agents seem to have more than a small glimpse into his mechanations.


Demon Prince of the first crusade who had his soul bound into his weapons and armor, making him nigh invincible. He was defeated by a demon hunter from the Steelstrike clan using his own sword, Vorynt.

The rest of the demon’s weapons and armors were lost to time, but Vorynt was kept in the hunters possession until his passing, and the sword was kept in the family as a curiosity until a naiive young smith stole it as he fled the law with his brother.


They are born from the amorphous blight of chaos that bubbles and writhes at the center of all infinity, mercifully beyond the reaches of angled space. Few such creatures are able to persist in our mundane three dimensional world, and those that do must make use of thin veneers, living disguises, though which they can experience and understand our world. They are an affront to the world’s natural laws, and without a cover to bind them here, they would quickly be forced out.

This one, Z’zoralath, forged such a cover in the form of Tonir, after incidentally slipping through the space between spaces and into the world of Golarion. Tonir isn’t conscious of his purpose, or his true nature, as such knowledge would rend his mind asunder, destroying both him and Z’zoralath. Careful manipulation of mind and memory is often needed to maintain Tonir’s illusion of reality.

The thing passively watches, though Tonir’s mind and perception, seeking to understand this strange place. A concept drifts through Tonir, catching the thing’s attention: Fate, Destiny, and a device to predict and possibly control it. Such a thing cannot possibly exist; there can only be Chaos and Madness. More investigation is needed… More waiting, and more watching.

Supernatural Creatures, Demons, Other Dimension Beings

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