The Demon's Dark Mirror

In the beginning

The Demon Prince Saroth, the dark progeny of the demon lord Deskari, was wounded and left for dead on Golarion. In his wounded state he was bound by an archmage from Hermea. This archmage was experimenting in travel through the astral plane utilizing crystal mirrors. Saroth beguiled the archmage and learned the secrets of the mirrors. When he had learned all he could, he murdered the mage and took the mirrors for himself.

He began to use the mirrors to visit the dreams of influential people throughout the world, using them to his singular purpose, to destroy the Mendevian Crusade and let the Worldwound expand unchecked through Golarion. He poisoned the minds of influential crusaders such as Lord Aldor Hightower and his family to tear apart the kingdom of Mendev from within.

However, Saroth did not count for the interference of a band of heroes. Fara Goldmane, the twice-born. Valdir, the Pirate-Captain-in-exile. Taloran the rebel Bard from Hermea, and the Steelstrike brothers Ilmarinen and Roth. They each came to Mendev for their own reasons

Part I The Great Serpent

Saroth had whispered into the mind of a seemingly simple blacksmith. He promised the bitter man the means to revenge himself against the people that wronged him. He was given a horn fashioned from the bones of an ancient river serpent. Blowing into it summoned the serpent to destroy ships come to and from Mendev’s capital, Nerosyan.

Our heroes discovered the smith and slew him just as he summoned the serpent one final time. It was Taloran’s quick thinking which allowed the Great Serpent to sleep once again.

Part II The Hightower Crusade

Saroth sent Sir Granit Hightower dreams of conquest and easy victory within the Worldwound. The man bent his considerable powers in raising an enormous army that was hungry for glory. Hightower dreamed of a secret weapon recently unearthed by a Pathfinder: Iomedae’s Mirror. It’s said that no evil thing can stand the light of the Mirror.

Unbeknownst to Granit Hightower, it was a trap to lure the crusade into a costly campaign and weaken it against future invasion.

Our heroes ventured into the Worldwound and saw the Mirror’s power firsthand. However it’s power failed just as they were laying siege to the lost city of Drezen. They fought a desperate rear guard action which allowed the Crusade to flee back to Mendev. Though they lost many soldiers, the cost was a fraction of what Saroth wanted.

Part III The Lord of Bastardhall

Finally, the heroes were sent to the island of Hermea to discover why the isolated nation had withdrawn its support from the crusade. It was the only nation capable of maintaining the Wardstones which kept the Worldwound from invading Mendev.

While they were traveling west to Hermea they encountered Norwick Spellstorm, the archmage of Ustalav who had branded Ilmarinen Steelstrike a diabolist and apostate mage. They soon learned that Norwick utilized terrible necromantic spells to sustain his own power, despite his reputation as paragon of virtue.

The only mage that could stand up to Norwick was the mad mage Gormenghast who had gotten himself locked away in the Labryinth of Bastardhall, a deep dungeon which the Baron of Bastardhall used to dispose of his enemies.

Valdir and the heroes’ reckless manipulation of events caused the overthrow of the Baron of Bastardhall as well as the unmasking of Norwick’s true nature. They had earned the friendship of Gormenghast and his cabal and they teleported the party directly to the doorstep of Hermea.

Part IV Betrayal at Hermea

Our heroes appeared in Hermea and discovered that Mengkare’s experiment in creating a utopia driven by human genius was corrupted. The wizards of tower 12 were responsible for the wardstones had perished in an attack by a group of bandits known as the Blackhand. In response, the Council of Enlightenment had formed the Vigilance Committee, a secret police, to fight against the Blackhand and other dissidents.

It was soon discovered that Saroth was behind Mengkare’s disappearance and the corruption of the Council of Enlightenment.

After liberating the wizards of tower 12, they confronted Saroth within his mirror room. Sensing that he could be rid of the meddlesome heroes, he used his trump card and possessed the ancient Wyrm to crush his enemies. He did not, however, count on their tenacity and he himself was banished back to the Abyss.

The Demon's Dark Mirror

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