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Our heroes recovered the Harvest Horn and brought it to Edessa. Hermes sounded the horn and the magic swept across the island and brought new life to the scorched earth. During the celebration each of them were approached by a stranger with green eyes, asking them about their thoughts on Fate and Destiny.

In the morning they were spirited away by the goddess Ishar to her hidden temple in the Kodar Mountains. One of her clerics, Ashton Morel, wishes to construct The Loom of Fate, a device that can predict the future in an age where prophecy has failed. The key piece of the Loom is in a lost Azlanti city, the Elidan Oracle. For some of them, the power of the Loom can be used to find lost loved ones, for others it is the opportunity to grasp for power and wealth.

Little did they know that they were at the precipice of disaster.

We are a group of friends who are playing a game of 13th Age set in the Pathfinder universe. It is an ongoing campaign featuring the same characters throughout (more or less) but with rotating GMs.

We have wrapped up a game set in Mendev and concluded in far-off Hermea. You can find out more about it here.

Lord Mork’s game took our heroes into a Valley plagued by an unnatural winter and a cursed Baroness.

Poxworm’s arc took us to Edessa; the Island of the Dead.

Currently we are running Oceans End’s game.

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The Age of Lost Omens

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