Geril Gundrikson

Dwarven Warrior married off to to a Cheliax Noble


One Unique Thing: Slowly turning to living stone

Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter

+26 damage
+8 to hit

Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 16 +3
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 12 +1
HP AC PD MD Initiative Recoveries
110 25 19 17 +10 9

That’s Your Best Shot? Racial (Champion Feat)
Once per battle as a free action after you have been hit by an enemy attack, you can heal using a free recovery. If the escalation die is less than 2, you only get half the usual healing from the recovery.

Class Features and Talents
Whenever an enemy attempts to disengage from you, it takes a penalty to its check equal to your Dex or Con.

Comeback Strike (Adventurer Feat)
Once per battle as a free action, make another attack after your first fighter attack during your turn misses.

Counter-Attack (Adventurer and Champion Feat)
Once per turn, when the escalation die is even and an enemy misses you with a natural odd melee attack roll, make a basic melee attack as a free action (Cannot use flexible maneuvers or limited abilities)

Skilled Intercept
Once per round as a free action, roll a normal save (11+) to intercept an enemy who is moving to attack one of your nearby allies. you can pop free from one enemy to move and intercept the attack.
The moving enemy makes it attack with you as a target instead. If you’re wearing heavy armor and the attack hits, you only take half damage.

Heavy Warrior
Once per battle while wearing heavy armor, when you are hit by an attack that targets AC, as a free action, you can take half damage from that attack instead.

Carve An Opening (Melee) (Champion Feat)
Trigger: Any natural odd roll
Effect: Your crit range with melee attacks expands by a cumulative +2 this battle until you score a melee critical hit.

Defensive Fighting (Melee) (Adventurer Feat)
Trigger: natural even roll
Effect: Gain +2 bonus to AC and PD until the end of your next turn.

Hack and Slash (Melee, Once per round)
Trigger: Any natural even roll, when the escalation die is 2+
Effect: Make another melee weapon attack against a different target

Sword Master’s Anticipation (Melee)
Trigger: Any natural even roll
Effect: The next time you use Skilled Intercept this battle, your Skilled Intercept save automatically succeeds.

Shield Bash (Melee) (Adventurer Feat)
Trigger: Any natural even roll
Effect: The target pops free from you and any allies after the attack (does not allow opportunity attacks)

Spinning Charge (Melee)
Special: You must have moved before the attack.
Trigger: Any natural even roll
Effect: After dealing damage, you can pop free from the target, move to a different nearby enemy, and make a basic melee attack against that enemy. You can’t use any maneuvers with the second attack, and it deals only half damage.


As the eldest child of Torvald and Eira, Geril took the responsibility of being a Gundrikson very seriously. She took part in patrols as soon as she was able and lead several expeditions to reclaim land from the orcs. During one such expedition, Geril triggered an ancient trap, which cursed her to slowly turn to stone. She hid this from everyone she could as it would provide political enemies of the clan ammunition they can use to slander the Gundrikson name. Geril took to wearing full plate at all times to cover her hidden shame.

The Gundriksons lost much of its wealth and power over the centuries and was being bled dry by ancient debts and commitments. In an effort to reverse the fortunes of the family and to mitigate the possible shame of the curse, Geril was married off to the 5th son of a minor branch of House Leroung. The details of the agreement was a massively profitable trade agreement and help in curing the curse. At first, Geril was adamantly opposed to this blatantly political marriage. She would rather die fighting orcs than waste the rest of her days sitting in a devil infested university. After several weeks of convincing, she grudgingly agreed.

It was a rough several months adjusting to live as Cheliax Nobility. House Leroung was not able to cure the curse, but they managed to “improve” it so that it would slowly turn Geril into a being of living stone. It would take alot of effort on both sides, but eventually, Geril and her Husband, Pavo found common ground. Both were interested in dwarven history. From this grew a mutually beneficial partnership. Pavo would do the research and Geril will do the leg work.

Geril Gundrikson

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