Valdir Ebonsail

Leader of the Ebonsails, Assassin of Var'jo.


Valdir was born in the Northern Isles, leaving home at a young age, he journeyed to the capital of Emsk. He fell into a life of crime, eventually founding the Ebonsails, a mixture of pirates, smugglers, and thieves, and took over the criminal enterprises within Emsk.

He was eventually betrayed by one of his lieutenants, he was drugged and captured by the Guard. He slipped his bindings at his own execution and escaped by leaping off the Emsk tower into the sea below.

After the events of Mendev, he returned to Emsk, and took back the Ebonsails, with the aid of his new found allies, although he was greviously wounded by Grimshanks in the process.

Shaken after the reclamation of the Ebonsails. Valdir set out to prove himself, hearing stories of a giant black opal of amazing beauty, he set about to steal it.

All went according to plan until he grasped the opal. There was a searing pain as the black opal shrunk in his hands, and an inky blackness worked its way into his veins, his last conscious memory being his own shadow rising from the ground and striking his heart.

He woke in Emsk, suprisingly uninjured, his memory fuzzy. News spread quickly, the Baron was dead, Valdir the prime suspect. Valdir fled Emsk for the second time, seeking his friends.

Valdir Ebonsail

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