The Age of Lost Omens

A Siege Beetle, a Lich, and two Golems walk into a bar

From the journal of Gundarin

Toilday, 20th of Abadius, 4715 AR

The waking nightmare continues unabated, it seems. The past few days have brought more madness than I can handle.

The week started with a battle. The callers sent a pre-emptive attack against us. Luckily, my younger brother Gerrick and the giant devised a cunning plan to swiftly counter attack with our stronger forces. The battle was over in short order, and we pressed on with the orcs deeper into the mists.

There we left our orc comrades to raid one of these ‘nests’, and set off to investigate something on the horizon. We discovered a large… beetle? I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It was like a living siege weapon, dozens of feet tall. After trying (and failing) to find an entrance, we brought the creature down using more conventional means.

With that nightmare taken care of, we set off in search of supplies and the Silver General. We found her (as opposed to ‘he’, much to my surprise and delight) in a tavern. The accountant quickly renegotiated the terms of our arrangement, as not all of her forces were available at present. We got at least a thousand trained soldiers, however, in addition to supplies and craftsmen from the local dwarves, so it was well worth the trip and extra coin.

On the way back, we (inconceivably) decided to retrieve an undead horror from the depths of an active volcano. I don’t trust the thing, but the giant assures us that he would prove to be a capable leader and tactician if given the chance. I’m not sure about that; I’m quite fond of having blood pumping through my veins. It was a hard task to retrieve his dried up corpse, as it was guarded by stone constructs of an unfriendly sort. I managed to retrieve the body while the others distracted the golems. The thing reeked of rot and hunger and vengeance, and I nearly tossed it into the molten fires around us in disgust and terror. Alas, I did not… Against the darkness that we’ve seen, perhaps the only thing that can fight it is another darkness. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be our undoing.


OceansEnd Drikanis

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