Edessa the Island of the Dead

Edessa was an island kingdom on the southern edge of the Steaming Sea, west of Cheliax and Nidal. The weather was mild all year round; making the chain of islands green and fruitful. Early in its history the island suffered from years of unrest as would-be kings fought each other for the right to rule. It was said that when Edessa seceded from Cheliax’s control that a great diabolist cursed the island and its line of kings that they would never know peace and son would kill father forever.

Only recently has it been revealed that the curse was a sham and the line of Joman Ammados was a cover for an ancient lich that would assume the mortal guise of his `son` once his current form was used up. Edessa`s relative peace and prosperity was a cover for the lich to build an army to conquer the mainland and add to his vast store of power.

It was only the intervention of the Warriors of Fate that King Joman Ammados was destroyed but not before he unleashed a plague that decimated the island.

Despite this; there were a handful of survivors that had fled onto the other islands to escape the clutches of the lich king. When he was destroyed they came back to Edessa. The former prince Hermes has now taken the role of leader to his lost people and works to rebuild the island. Rather than to seek aid from Cheliax, he has sent out entreaties to Varisia, specifically the city-state of Magnimar, for aid.

Edessa the Island of the Dead

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